Take advantage of InterServer’s 65% off standard web hosting plan. With this, you can put your business online or blog about the latest memes. This one size fits all web hosting package is the perfect place to start. They offer a 24/7 managed support and straight forward pricing. $2.50 per month.

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InterServer is a leading full-service webhosting provider, whose customers range from individual freelancers to Fortune 500 companies, both domestic and international. With InterServer you’ll find a variety of hosting options to choose from, including shared, VPS, and dedicated plans, as well as colocation services. All of InterServer’s plans come with an extensive suite of features that make creating and maintaining your website and an online presence easy.

With an improved product offering to include Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Quick Servers, and Dedicated Servers along with colocation services, they are committed to ensure security, reliability, and technical expertise to each customer. They are one of the few service providers that offer around-the-clock customer support with live representatives available 24/7.


65% off standard web hosting plan.

$2.50 per month.

Major Advantages Interserver Offers

Regardless of which plan you choose, InterServer offers the following standard features:

Intershield Security – (Included For Free)

Using the data from 1000’s of servers and websites they can  detect attacks and replicate protection rules across other servers to stop attacks before they start. Hence they are able to:

  1. Block web attacks
  2. Automatic virus scanner
  3. Machine Learning Firewall
  4. In House Malware Database

Cloud Apps

461 scripts available for 1 click installs. they offer a variety of one-click installs for various scripts i.e. WordPress which is the most commonly used CMS

Inter-Insurance – (Included For Free)

interserver will clean up compromised, hacked or exploited accounts. we also offer this service to new customers. during the migration process, they will clean up your account. they are wordpress experts. their specialty is getting wordpress websites back online securely and preventing any future issues. Service includes:

  1. Investigation: Determine why the problem occurred
  2. Restoration: Restore to it’s original state
  3. Prevention: Fixing the underlying cause of the problem

Inter-Proxy Caching + Cloudflare

Website contents with heavy request loads are automatically cached using their proprietary set of caching mechanisms called Inter-Proxy.

Easy To Use Control Panel

Unable to navigate the command line in a Linux server? If so, cPanel and Directadmin provides website owners with a Linux based control panel that gets rid of the confusion you may have had when trying to maintain your website without it.

Free Migration Service

For a standard shared hosting migration please have a full cpanel backup ready for download. You do not need to upload it to your new interserver shared hosting account, however doing so will save some time. The current interserver account should have no data in it, as the backup will overwrite any data.

50% Server Capacity

Utilizing only 50% of available resources allows us to support the growth of our customer’s websites without experiencing performance issues.

$7.99 Domain Registration

Register or transfer your domain for $7.99 with the purchase of any web hosting package.

Guaranteed Email Delivery

We solved a common problem email deliverability. Your mail will not be sent out directly from the web hosting server. We processes email through a gateway server. When needed deliver it through Amazon SES. Messages are scrubbed for spam. Reputations with other email providers are maintained. We make sure the message you sent always gets delivered.

Affordable Ecommerce Solutions To Empower Your Store

They offer easy to use low-cost eCommerce hosting solutions that give you the freedom to build eCommerce store on your choice of platform. You can choose from Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart and much more.

Best Web Host Packages Available

The amount of space allocated on a server to a website depends on the type of hosting. Interserver offers different types of hosting plans. They are differentiated by the kind of technology used for the server, the level of management provided and the additional services on offer. As a full-service web hosting provider, InterServer provides the following types of web hosting:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  3. Cloud Hosting
  4. Dedicated Hosting
  5. Colocation Hosting
  6. Reseller Hosting
  7. Quick Servers Hosting
  8. Custom Hosting

Shared Hosting Plans

If you’re opting for a basic, shared hosting plan, you can choose from three options. All include unlimited storage, transfer, and e-mail. The standard and WordPress plans come with free SSL certificates as well.

  • Standard: This plan will likely meet your needs if you’re just getting started or if you have light traffic
  • Windows/ASP.NET: The Windows Plan is similar to the Standard Plan, but the server runs Microsoft products instead of open-source/Linux-based software
  • WordPress: This plan is for you if you’re looking for a plan to host your WordPress site. It is similar to the other shared plans but includes features such as version control, anti-virus protection, and daily backups. Note that you can host your WordPress site using the other shared plans at a lower cost.

VPS and Cloud Plans

InterServer delivers two categories of Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans: Linux and Windows. They call each instance of a virtual private server a “slice.” Once you’ve selected the flavor of your slice(s), you can get free migration assistance, and you can opt for the number of resources that are available to you:

  • The number of CPU cores
  • The amount of memory
  • The amount of storage
  • The file transfer rate

Features of VPS Hosting Plans

All of InterServer’s VPS plans come standard with the following features:

  • Instant provisioning: You can get your VPS solution up and running in seconds, not hours or days
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee: You can verify this with the included uptime monitoring
  • Easy scalability: You can easily add and manage additional “slices” using your control panel
  • Full root access: you can install and customize any software you need to optimize your hosting experience.

Interested in InterServer?

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Dedicated Hosting Plans

InterServer’s dedicated plans offer top-notch performance, highest levels of reliability, and support heavy traffic. The servers support applications/operating systems that do not support virtualization.

Additionally, since you’re in full control of the software running on your server, you can choose any flavor of Linux, Unix, or Windows for your operating system.

Dedicated Hosting Features

All dedicated plans come standard with:

  • 5 IP addresses
  • 100 MB or 1 GB port
  • A transfer rate of 10 TB
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Managed support for operating system-related issues and issues arising from programs installed via a control panel purchased from InterServer
  • Provisioning in four hours or less
  • Data migration assistance

There are different flavors of dedicated plans. You can choose one that fits your needs based on:

  • Your server’s CPU/memory/hard drive combination
  • Your server’s operating system
  • Whether you want a GUI-based control panel and if so, which one.

Enterprise Business: Custom Hosting Plans

Furthermore, InterServer offers custom packages where you can add or include:

  • Load balancing
  • Firewalls
  • GUI-based control panels
  • cPanel
  • Plesk
  • DirectAdmin

There are further options to support your complex hosting needs.

Pricing varies, and you can get additional information from their support team. The usual process of signing up for an enterprise plan involves you getting a customized quote. Plans of this magnitude can have very specific requirements, hence the workflow.

Colocation Plans

If you want the flexibility, power, and performance of a dedicated server while also having control over your physical infrastructure, InterServer offers colocation plans. Plans at the low end get you a single server, while plans at the high end include a full, closed cabinet.

ASP.NET Hosting

ASP.NET is a framework designed by Microsoft to enable web developers to design websites, applications, and web services. Because it used a templated approach, it allows for the speedy development of business applications.

Many businesses have legacy applications built in ASP.NET. This framework has specific technical and security requirements in a host.

ASP.NET hosting is designed to meet those requirements.


There is also a newer version of the ASP.NET framework known as ASP.NET MVC which is also popular among developers. The “MVC” refers to “Model – View – Controller,” which is a model which separates the business logic, input, and presentation (visual interface) aspects of an application.

This also speeds development up. The Dell, Ancestry, and Taco Bell sites are built on ASP.NET MVC. However, these technicalities are rarely of concern to you as a business owner and are usually handled by web developers.

Frequently Asked Questions About InterServer

Any instant queries floating in your mind? Take a look at the below answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is InterServer’s cheapest hosting plan?

InterServer’s cheapest hosting plan is their Standard plan, which costs $5 a month for unlimited storage space, unlimited data transfer, weekly back up, Cloudflare CDN, 24/7 support, and Price Lock Guarantee. If you are a non-profit, InterServer offers free hosting.

What is the Price-Lock Guarantee from InterServer?

The Price Lock guarantee means your hosting prices are locked in for life. Meaning your hosting prices will never increase if you stay on the same plan.

Does InterServer offer a money-back guarantee?

No, there is no money-back guarantee. However, they do offer month-to-month billing which is fairly unique in the hosting industry. You can cancel at any time.

Does InterServer offer an uptime-guarantee?

InterServer offers and 99.9 uptime guarantee, which is fairly standard.

Does Interserver off free domains?

They do not offer free domains, but they do offer discounted prices. You can get a domain added to a hosting package for $1.99.

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